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Diversity Hub: Spreading positivity, love and prosperity among human beings.

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Posted on: 06/03/16

Welcome to Diversity Hub.Diversity Hub is your Hub and it has just began its missions.Your involvement will be very helpful and valuable for this organization. We will count on you and please contact us for any questions ,feed back and suggestions. We all are together and lets make this happen.

Diversity Hub

About Diversity Hub

Diversity Hub is a non-profit community organization, based in California. Everyone has a place here, regardless of color, gender, origin or ability. 

All are welcome. Not because we overlook our differences, but because we embrace and celebrate them. Because we are all part of the same community: the global community.

Diversity Hub creates a place where everyone can feel comfortable and safe. Accepted. Nurtured. Valued. When exposed to an environment like this, people are able to thrive and grow stronger emotionally, mentally, and even physically.

In the Diversity Hub community, positivity abounds. Love draws people into relationship. And everyone prospers. Together.

Diversity Hub

Our Mission

In recent decades, the global community has been steadily growing more connected than at any time in history. Cultures, which once were easily contained within well-defined geopolitical boundaries, intersect with increasing regularity. This trend offers each of us the opportunity to enrich and broaden our understanding of the world and of each other.

The Diversity Hub mission is to bring the people of the world together, through education and empowerment, to live and work in harmony. 

Develop trust. 

The first step in bringing people together is to build trust between communities. Cultural groups tend to draw together, to identify their defining characteristics as a way of determining us vs. them. Instead Diversity Hub aims to connect groups of people from different cultures, by using those defining characteristics as a way to start a conversation. When we celebrate our differences, we can begin to trust one another.

Make a positive difference.

Another way to bring people together is to make a positive difference among families, friends, and organizations. People naturally live in community. And when positive change happens in a community--whether a persistent community like family, an intimate community like a group of friends, or a situational community like work or social organizations--it promotes positive change in the lives of its members.

What We Do

Education and Training

Everyone needs a helping hand to get acclimated into a new community. We offer tutoring and training in math and science, computer coding and website design. We assist members in earning certifications to improve job opportunities. We also provide personal health care education. Regular classes are available to our members. If you need to learn something that is not offered currently, please just ask and we will do our best to make it available for you!


Living in an international community exposes us to different sensibilities about health, parenting, job ethics, and more, which sometimes leads to misunderstandings. Part of our mission is to educate our community about local culture. We raise awareness about basic health care expectations, parenting skills, and child psychology. 
diversity hub

Unfortunately, local communities sometimes respond to outsiders with mistrust and hesitation, and we aim to break down these barriers. In addition to helping our members understand the local community, we also raise awareness and educate the community about our member cultures and issues. We especially identify and work through social conflict issues involving cultural miscommunication, racism and bullying, because we believe that when people of different groups get to know and understand one another, they are able to build trust with one another and put away fear. 
Diversity Hub

Diversity Hub serves as an advocate connecting our members with the local community. Our hope is that we can reduce the occurrence of racism and hate crimes through building bridges of communication and familiarity. 

Community Events

We sponsor cultural events that bring members of different communities together to celebrate their origins. Our birth cultures have given us a rich heritage of music, food, and literature; when we share this with those of differing cultural backgrounds, we all become richer. Events include keynote speakers, international foods, and hands-on opportunities for participants to experience history and diversity from a cultural perspective.  


Based on the philosophy that we are all part of one whole, we work to live in intentional community, leaning on one another for strength.  At Diversity Hub, we share resources so people have what they need to survive: food, clothing, and essential technology, as well as direction for job searching, needed certification, where and how to get certification, and more.

As people come together and share resources, learning together, they create a synergy that pulls everyone in a positive direction together. The best part is, this sharing gives everyone a chance to participate in both giving and receiving--even you!Diversity Hub

Thank you again. Please Do not hesitate to contact us. Your voice will be count.

Dhana Timilsina
Founder/ President

Diversity Hub.
901 Mission street.
suite 105
San Francisco CA  94103

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